During the past 10 years, 2 randomized clinical trials with placebo have proven that calorie reduction works when 2 tablespoons of vinegar are kept/added daily.  Keeping/adding vinegar to a high-calorie, high-fat diet will not result in weight loss, calories must be cut in order for vinegar to help with appetite control and weight reduction.

Meals and snacks less than 15% protein result in fatigue and overeating


Eating meals at the same time each day helps to improve overall circadian timing

SlimNovo - A Better Solution for Weight Loss Than Just Calorie Counting!

Lose weight every week.  No "regain" weeks or "plateau" weeks.  BF Group is "daily breakfast" below.

Wakefulness is the key to healthy BMI.  Only "Adult Wakefulness" will allow for weight loss.

40% of Americans will fail the "Maintenance of Wakefulness Test" on any given day!


You need to know where the fat goes when you lose it!  Even experts didn't know....

Based on a mean Body Mass Index of 28

Weight loss is predicted by serum Vitamin D levels.

Based on a mean Body Mass Index of 28

A Medical End to the Obesity Epidemic?  You Decide!

Calcium and Dairy Accelerate Weight Loss - Mix of cheese, yogurt, and milk (no more than 1 serving of milk from all sources daily)


Once a fish oil product is tested through IFOS, it is rated based on a 5-star system according to the testing results. Products that have achieved the highest worldwide stan­dards for fish oil will be awarded the coveted IFOS 5-Star Rating.

The 5-star criteria differ depending on whether the fish oil is a finished product or a raw material.  The criteria for each are depicted below:

5-Star Criteria for Finished Products and Brands

Product has passed all IFOS testing categories
Product meets the label claim for active ingredient concentration
Product has an oxidation level less than 75% of CRN standard
Product PCB levels are less than 50% of CRN standard
Product dioxin levels are less than 50% of WHO standard

5-Star Criteria for Raw Materials

The manufacturing facility is an approved and registered food/dietary supplement manufacturing facility with an appropriate certification
The company and/or product has been registered in accordance with the regulatory authorities’ requirements where the product is produced
The analytical methods used have met the IFOS standard of testing
Each lot of certified IFOS raw material has been individually inspected and reviewed for IFOS program compliance
The product has met the IFOS 5-Star Rating Criteria

Nutrients 2016, 8, 323; doi:10.3390/nu8060323

The average American ate a ton of food last year

Very high sodium intake causes high ghrelin hunger hormone levels, making calorie reduction difficult

  • ​Help your patients to reduce calorie intake, and they can lose weight.  Beyond The Calorie achieves weight loss through the SlimNovo Health and Diet System.  On this page (below) you will see just some of the research and development that went into this new weight loss brand.
  • SlimNovo reduces Span, which is the "low-quality" issue in dieting. Patients "feel" low quality as Span or "too much variation", for example losing weight one week but hitting a plateau or gaining weight back the next week.  We call this solution Slimspan....your patients lose weight every week until they hit their goal, and keep it off!


The intervention uses the SLIMScore App, a smartphone app (also accessible through the Internet and through healthcare providers), which "schedules weight loss" properly through calorie reduction. The app allows you to comply with a calorie-reduced diet.

The odds of a FAT person becoming SLIM on their own are less than 400 to 1

A list below of the top 20+ foods contributing to sodium intake in the USA - for males and females (using a mean BMI of 28).

Keep sodium below 3600mg a day average (females 2900mg, males 4400mg).

​​The Free SLIMScore​ App !​​

Circadian Disruption = Jet Lag

You must eat at least 4X a day on Slimspan - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime Snack

Every meal and snack should have a high Satiety Value


Slimspan offers only IFOS-Approved Omega-3 EPA/DHA Supplements

High-Fat Meal (45% fat-energy) must be at Breakfast.  Avoid High-Fat Dinner!

Circadian Disruption from Breakfast Skipping leads to Insulin Resistance

Skipping breakfast has a SLIMScore of Zero for the entire day.  Huge penalty!

Weight loss will result in fat loss, via Carbon Dioxide exhaled.  The lungs are the "major organ" for fat loss, if calories in < calories out.

Graphic Source:  NPR


Healthy Body Weight ensures proper Sleep/Wake cycle - 24 hour body clock

Low Osteoblast Hormone Levels are found in the Obese/Overweight Group

Medical Evaluator Version Only - please contact your doctor or healthcare provider for more information

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Lactase-persistence is independently associated with obesity

Low Fat, Low Calorie Diets cause high levels of NPGL Hunger Hormone!  

You can't just cut fat to lose weight, you will get too hungry as a result.

Water Intake is critical to weight loss.

- drink 500ml (2 cups) of water 3X a day

- this water should be taken 30 minutes before meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)